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Business Tycoons Connect Series: 1



4 thoughts on “Business Tycoons Connect Series: 1

  1. I am inclined to say Adi godrej even though I dont know the entire funda!!

      • my funda is I know that the third logo is of ISB for sure.Now The only business tycoon associated with ISB is Adi Godrej.Rest all Rajat Gupta and others don’t qualify as tycoons.Hence my answer.

      • even i thought dat d logo of ISB is a giveaway.. well.. the first one is the logo of “Pi Lambda Phi”.. a kind of philanthrophic organisation.. Adi Godrej was its’s member .. and the second logo was of MIT Sloan School of management where he studied..
        just a trivia for you.. he first joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology but later on switched from mechanical engineering to management.. 😛

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