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Google’s rival for Facebook…

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Google has been trying to get into “the social network” circle from years. After the failure of Google Wave, and the not so popular Google buzz.. Google is up with its new project Google + which it aims to be a tough competition for Facebook.

Though this project is now at “Through invite only” stage.. i guess people have already started flooding their Facebook status messages asking other people for invites. I think Facebook should start filtering out these kind of updates.. 😛 because this may be the next big thing and as it is, people have started getting bored of facebook.(dont know about others, but I have)

With features like Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddle.. this product of Google does have the potential to revolutionize the social networking concept.. or will we have another Google Wave???

So if you want to join this project ,go get yourself an invite now .. Get a Google + invite


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