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Tagline Quiz India Series – 1


Finally I am back to blogging and I promise you that every day you will get one or the other post from me..

So.. here is the tagline..

Taste of India

Please leave your answer as a comment..

After 4-5 questions, I will also put up a leaderboard, so hurry up guys, book your place at the top..

If you find the tagline familiar and then when you google it and find the answer and then say “Ohhhh!!! Thisss one.. How couldn’t I get it??”, then  please share this post either on twitter, facebook, mail it to your friends or just copy it and put it on your blog( plss put my blog’s link if you copy it.. 😉 .. )


6 thoughts on “Tagline Quiz India Series – 1

  1. Amul

  2. yes.. the answer is AMUL.. if u want to read about its history visit this link

  3. amul………the taste of india……..

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