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Connect Series : Question 1


Connect the three images –


Please give your answer as a comment.. First five people to give the correct answer will get featured on the Bizzy Bay Leaderboard…

So hurry up!

If you want any hints, ask for it via comments… :)

Happy quizzing!


4 thoughts on “Connect Series : Question 1

  1. Volgwagen cars

  2. Well yes… you both are correct .. In fact, these are the 3 cars of Volkswagen featuring in the top 10 most sold cars.
    First image – trade winds which means “Passat”
    2nd image – “Golf”
    3rd image – “Beetle”

  3. i am sorry ..the first 2 images are correct…but the third image is of a LADY BIRD..not a bettle…please check and post the questions

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