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8 thoughts on “Weekly Logo Quiz 1

  1. Mozilla, Nokia, Toyota, Shell, Renault, Siemens, Fiat, IBM, Mazda, Peugeot

  2. Mozilla Firefox to be more specific

  3. 1.Firefox 2.Nokia 3.Toyota 4.Shell 5.Renault(guess) 6. Siemens 7.Fiat 8.IBM 9. Mazda 10.Pugeot

  4. Mozilla phoenix

  5. Mozilla phoenix,Nokia,Toyota,Shell,Renault.Hyundai,Marchio Fiat,IBM,Mazda,Peugeot

  6. Well done quizzing buffs, i wasnt expecting such a great response..
    nyways thanks for your contribution..
    mozilla phoenix or firefox, i have allowed both..
    naveen , you will soon get your discount coupon..

  7. so tough new only nokia and renault……..

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