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Answer to Guess the Company

image 3

The bull was a kind of giveaway in the above images. The correct answer is Lamborghini. The first image is of Lamborghini’s 22PS farm tractor which was rolled out as their first product. ITs founder, Ferrucio Lamborghini was fond of fighting bulls, and thus named all his cars after famous fighting bulls (Gallardo, Murcielago,etc.). The third image is of ofcourse Christiano Ronaldo who owns Lamborghini’s Aventador.


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Guess the Company

image 3

Answer to the above question –Answer to Guess the Company



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India ka Dhandha- Question 1. Connect



The answer is Dhirubhai Ambani..

bhajia- his first business(when he was a child) started with selling bhajia .

the logo AB- He worked in the company A.Besse & Co. in Aden

shell oil refinery – when he was working in this refinery as a petrol pump attendant he had a dream that one day he will have his own oil refinery…


Sorry for making this question really difficult.. 😉